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AdultEnrichmentCenters Posted by: AdultEnrichmentCenters 4 years ago

My passion has always been for my people. I love my people with dementia or Alzheimer’s and have been dreaming of building a program for EARLY intervention. I want to improve quality of life and keep skills and independence as long as possible. I want to teach families and caregivers how to help and get the best quality life for them and their loved one. That passion has never been stronger than watching what has happened to seniors during this crisis!

RENEW Center is my dream come true! Why??? Why do we need it?

All of us know someone with memory issues or dementia and we all know someone with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. But long before they need a memory care facility, they need help. They need to take some action, to work on themselves, no one needs to feel passive when facing these issues! I want to help you fight for quality time, for independence, I want you and your family to live life!

RENEW Center will be that help.

-Samantha Kriegshauser, CEO, CAEd