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Qualifiers for Membership

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Program Details & Logistics

Job Placement

Members first complete an assessment that includes questions about individual interests and abilities, and then apply for an opportunity in an appropriately-independent setting. Currently active job sites are located in York, Chester and Lancaster, SC.

Job Training

One-on-one and in groups, members prepare for workplace satisfaction and success by building their resume, practicing interview skills, honing essential skills, and gaining job-specific training. Members also learn about benefits, income and budgeting.

Advocacy & Education

At AEC, we are strong advocates of inclusion. We believe the best workplace is the diverse workplace, and that typically-abled and differently-abled individuals should work side by side. Both caregivers and employers receive coaching related to expectations.


Member schedules differ depending on their availability and employer business hours. Shifts are typically available 7 days a week, with members working 5-20 hours weekly. Members interested in and able to work more hours are permitted to do so.


The program director assists members in coordinating transportation, including helping them to budget for public transit. AEC does not provide Works members with transportation.

Terms of Employment

As with any employment situation, there is no set duration of engagement but the goal is always long-term, sustainable employment.
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On-Site Support

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