The Adult Enrichment Centers mission is to provide social, therapeutic, and medical care to adults 18 years of age and older; to improve their ability to function more independently for as long as possible and to rekindle zest for life through qualified mental and physical activities; to provide unconditional opportunities for our clients and meaningful connections for our families.
Seniors and middle aged adults who suffer from the effects of a stroke, physical injuries, and dementia enjoy the social opportunities provided at the Adult Enrichment Centers.  Participants enjoy breakfast and lunch together as well as craft activities and games.  Physical therapy is available on-site and transportation is also provided. 
The High Five Club strives to teach and practice life skills to young adults with developmental disabilities in the hope that in the future they are able to care mostly for themselves.  Program coordinators concentrate on developing participants skills but also devote much of their program time to the teaching of appropriate behaviors in public settings.
The Caregiver Relief program is a program for young developmentally challenged adults.  Participants are not currently receiving any services from DDSN but are on a waiting list for those services.  School age participants over 18 are dropped off by their school bus at our centers where they enjoy a safe environment to rest, play games, do homework, and have a snack so that their family may complete their work day.  The participants would otherwise be home alone and unsupervised.  The Caregiver Relief program is also available on most Saturdays.